Company is like a boat which is sailing into  big ocean.

A good Organization or Company need vission, mission and good values which can be applied into applicable effective business strategies with good Performance Management of the company .

To build good foundation of a company, it need supported by good people with great competencies.How do you unfold your people profile in details? For sure everything are begins with good and right method of recruitment. “Put the right person in the right place” is a motto for good recruitment. This can be gained from Objective Perspective, which will be precisely be implemented by the people who has experience as specialist in Recruitment Assessment process with great deal practice interviewing candidates.

In the otherside, strong Company need good “Captain”which posses good leadership to be the man behind the steering wheel. Great Leader understand each of the member of person who support his or her team. He or She will understand how to develop the potential subordinate or to fix the weaknesses of his or her team. In spite of this before a Captain lead the team he or she shall understand his or her own personality or Leadership style.

No man stand on his own island

In this matter our consultant, will help you to figure out and profiling your personality and most of it your Leadership Style. When A Leader understand himself / herself first, he or she will know how to deliver effective communication with his / her team and giving effective direction to their business strategic. Never waste your time by guessing personality, give it to the Specialist who have great deal experiences in doing assessment. In order to well comprehend a personality and leadership style, you need to Objective Point of View, which is a Consultant will understand and be your friendly reflection of your Personality or your Team Personality.

In the Ocean of running your Business , as the matter of fact, everything may not running smoothly.

There is time you facing bad weather, little wave, quite heavy wind storm or even you are in mist of great stormy of your business.  Thinking all alone with your team, sometime so tiring and have no clue or even you’re having mind blocking because of facing very heavy burden of your company. Or in the worst case, so many conflicts emerged because of many problems unsolved. Things seems so spinning around and around, hitting here and there.

And it’s time for you need Advisor or Consultant to talk about your truely problem. Everything need Objective Point of View who would lead you to Out of the Box perspective.

No worries, we are here to understand… to walk with you in your bad situation, in your very stormy situation.

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I took Service Executive Search with Ms. Theresia, I got IOS Developer and IT Engineer in a month with macth budget and required skills… Thank you, for your communicative and good follow up…keep up good work

Mr. Khrisna – GM HR in IT Company

“ I took Service Executive Search from ForYourSolution Consultant, quick respond, good communication…do the best for client’s budget… Thanks, great success for the future ”

Mr. Joseph – HR Director in IT Company

I took Product Counseling Employee Corporate Culture Management from Team ForYourSolution. From the counseling i got fresh ideas of how to handle my situation with my team and know how to handle the conflict of corporate culture and employees culture in my company. I fixed my point of view and change my leadership style, be more personal communicative heart to heart..

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